ConsultASK has visited
New Delhi TB Centre

With the support of FIND India,  ConsultASK has visited New Delhi TB Centre,
 to discuss plans for an extensive clinical trial in Q3 2013. 


Executives of ConsultASK Ltd, who were in India exhibiting at the Medical Fair India, Pragati Maidan, 8-10 March, have extended their visit, to conduct negotiations with prospective partners in India.







Dr.HanifOne of the highest prestige and experience TB Centre in India is the New Delhi TB Centre, NDTB, headed by Dr. Chopra. Professionals of NDTB and FIND India have visited the booth of ConsultASK at the exhibition, and started to discuss the possibilities of cooperation, on launching the Fluorobot, the innovative automatic smear microscope, in India, in the short future.

Dr. Chopra and Dr. Hanif has hosted our team, and procedures applied at NDTB, structure of DOTS and RNTCP network, priorities, previous experiences, have been extensively discussed. The professionals of NDTB have been extremely helpful, in helping to understand the details of this vast market, and have helped our team with valuable advices.

It is the laboratory of NDTB, that has prepared a Test Slide Panel of 200 validated smear slides, upon the rquest of FIND, who is supporting the project, among others with such contributions.