the „Tata Nano of TB Diagnosis”

FLUOROBOT the „Tata Nano of TB Diagnosis”. An axample of Frugal Engineering. (Notes from the CEO)

A book review has struck my eyes a few weeks ago, in a medtech newsletter, that I receive regularly and find very useful. It appeared on the occasion of a book published recently by Peter Blair Henry: „Third World Lessons for First-World Medical Technology” 

The reason why I am glad that this topic hits the Medical Technology Industry (which in developed markets was rather „spoilt” earlier, with high budget institutional buyers) is because that is exactly what we followed in the Fluorobot development process

The author of this article – Norbert Sparrow, author of many thoughtful publications in medtech subjects – also quotes a panel discussion, with Carlos Ghosn among others, the „father” of the Frugal Engineering.

If you become hooked on about this engineering philosophy, as I have become since we restarted the Fluorobot project, you may find earlier publications very instructive, such as „The Importance of Frugal Engineering” by Vikas Sehgal, Kevin Dehoff and Gamesh Pamneer, which you may find in „Strategy-Business”  .

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Medical Fair India, New Delhi,
8 – 10 March 2

FLUOROBOT prototype receives excellent response at Medical Fair India, New Delhi

ConsultASK has exhibited at the Medical Fair India, held at Pragati Maidan New Delhi, from the 8th of March 2013 to the 10th.

The exhibited Fluorobot prototype, the world’s only dedicated robotic sputum smear screening device, has raised a huge interest among academic visitors, and potential trade partners alike. In such a TB conscious country, with more then 12000 smear microscopy laboratories, it is clear that such a product, which can fill a huge gap in TB screening automation, while increasing standardisation and improving QC possibilities, can be a great success.
Besides the new contacts estebalished at the exhibition, ongoing negotiations with Global Agencies backing the project and local High Prestige Health Institutions specialized for TB and Pulmonology, have been continued further. A large scale clinical evaluation is being prepared in New Delhi, to be executed in he second half of 2013. standdisplay2aThe planned launch of the final Fluorobot is 2014, and the intended pilot market is India.

MEDICA Dusseldorf

Successful demonstration of Fluorobot project at MEDICA 2012 Düsseldorf 

ConsultASK took part at the MEDICA 2012 Dussledorf, (14-17 November) as a member of the joint Hungarian Booth, in Hall 16. The participation was supported by the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency, HITA.

The concept of Fluorobot was demosntrated with a short video and a brochure.

Positive feedback from interested visitors, and useful interaction with exhibitors carrying product portfolio for IVD diagnosis was achieved.

A very promising contact has been established with an Indian company from Mumbai, whose focus is Tuberculosis and Malaria diagnostic kits