Long-term role of smear microscopy confirmed …

PHA_EditorialFor better or worse, microscopy is here to stay …

Dr. Richard Lumb,  Chief Medical Scientist of Mycobacterium Reference Laboratory, member of the  Supranational Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory Network, Member of the Global Laboratory Initiative from Adelaide, Australia, in his recent Editorial to the 2013 March issue of Public Health Action publication of IUATLD, has clearly underlined the unavoidable necessity for smear microscopy, in the years to come, and the probable need for co-existance with newly introduced, highly sensitive molecular diagnostic methods.  

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It is clearly stated in Dr. Lumb’s article that National TB programmes in high burden settings need both smear microscopy and tools such as GeneXpert.

It is reassuring for our team, that senior opinion leaders in Microbiology, such as Richard Lumb, confirm the necessity, for improved smear diagnosis.

Thus our unique instrument, Fluorobot_logo, the only known dedicated fluorescent robotic microscope for smear screening, is not competing with PCR, culture or any other technology. It is competing with the human microscopist!

Consequently, as we can provide higher sensitivity, introduce standardisation and improved quality control into smear diagnosis, without a compromise on specificity, we are sure that the introduction of Fluorobot will be a success, transforming the life and workflow as well as performance of smear laboratories in the years to come!