FLUOROBOT EU Phase II. Application

FLUOROBOT EU Phase II. Application
– submitted by our technology partner, ASK-M –
joins th
e prestigious “Seal of Excellence” Club!


seal-of-excellenceAs we have published it earlier, Fluorobot project has been, and is going to be, submitted to the EU’s new R&D and innovation oriented, H2020 SME Instrument, aiming a financing input from this programme.

We have successfully been selected for the Phase I. application, and have completed that ahead of schedule, within 5 months. Our Final Report has been duly accepted.

As a follow-up, we have submitted the project for Phase II. Application, and have met all thresholds that are necessary to be able to receive funding, based on a short list and the amount of available funds. The proof of this, the Seal of Excellence, has been issued by the EU, after the cutoff.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for the EU innovation scenario, there was such a huge amount of applicants, and as the available funding is limited and pre-decided, in each chapter, only 3 out of 246 (!!) submitted proposals in this chapter, were allocated funding at the last cut-off date of this particular programme.

Nevertheless, those projects which have reached the very demanding threshold levels in all the required aspects, (overall 12/15) (Impact, Excellence and Quality and Efficiency of Implementation), or have even substantially over-performed them (13,63/15 in our case) can run for the next submissions, and there is also a decision by the EU, to increase the funding of this SME Instrument, due to the huge interest. (more then 1900 applications submitted lately).