Consult_ASK_logoConsultask is a spin-off company of ASK Ltd., which was an R&D company founded in 1987, active in different fields of image processing, such as medical diagnostic and industrial applications, instrument development system engineering as well as industrial automation and process control.
The developers and software authors use ConsultASK services for acquisition of new projects, sales and marketing, follow up of projects, project management, financial intermediary, etc.
ConsultASK employs former key members of ASK management, experienced in controlling, international project management
Our mission is to act as a „bridge” or „technology broker” to find the best use of the wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of project management, technical project development, stratup of new R&D projects at our disposal to the benefit of our clients and the success of our company.
We believe that with the huge number of projects our team members have managed and the number of technology based companies that they have founded and grown into international operations with regional coverage, there are considerable benefits we can offer to the satisfaction of our clients to save cost and time in such processes.